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Melissa helps you sell your training/coaching services to businesses, and build a 100k+ expert business, without being overly salesy or facing frequent rejections.

"I went from 
Sales Hater to 

Sales Lover!"

Hey! I'm Melissa Marijnen, an experienced trainer and coach. For more than a decade, I've been successfully offering my training and coaching services to businesses and organizations.

From PWC, Chamber of Commerce, government, municipalities, Young Capital, RWS, startups, scale-ups, to non-profits.

The biggest mindset shift I've undergone is going from a sales hater to a SALES LOVER.


When I first started my expert business, I despised sales. I truly, deeply hated it!

It all felt so artificial, so commercial. I couldn't remain calm or confident. Instead, my nerves made me feel nauseous and awkward. This led me to become overly pushy and desperate, which only fueled my hatred even more.

But then one magical day.... 

Haha, no it took many years—years of trial and error, years of learning from the best, and years of building a successful expert business with programs that I genuinely loved.

Throughout this journey, I came to understand that if I wanted my expert business to thrive, I needed to shift from hating sales to loving it.

That's when everything changed. I started selling effortlessly, in a simple and natural manner. And as a result, I began making money effortlessly too.

This financial freedom provided me with a sense of security—a crucial aspect for any coach or trainer. It allowed me to focus on helping my clients wholeheartedly, rather than solely seeking money from them.

Moreover, the financial resources opened doors for my own training and coaching. I could expand my skills, knowledge, and consciousness in ways that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

Embracing the art of sales has undeniably been the wisest decision I've made, and now, I want to help you do the same.

Together, let's transform your approach to sales and unlock the success you deserve.

What I offer:

I help coaches & trainers to sell their valuable offerings to businesses and organizations. 

I assist you with these 3 actions: 

1. Building an offer you love to sell
2. Approach your network in an effortless and smart way
3. Master your sales communication skills, no manipulation!

I offer online masterclasses, online courses, and 1:1 tracks (limited).

Scroll down for current programs:

Work with me:

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Client reactions (in Dutch for now):

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As a B2B Sales Coach, I have a mission:

I strongly believe that the business world needs a greater number of unique coaches and trainers who can accelerate and amplify the major transformations that are crucially needed, bringing their outside-in perspectives.

Are you in?


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