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If you've been hitting walls using your current sales approach and really want to explore new sales strategies and learn sales, this program is for you.

My most popular sales coaching program

B2B Sales Booster

During this 3-month program the focus is to boost your sales efforts and results. I’ll guide you step-by-step to drastically improve your sales proces, create strong sales habits, expand your client network, and close more deals. We'll focus on creating a tailored strategy that aligns with your personal goals and bigger mission.

To understand how I can help you and you with your sales specifically, schedule an intake call to explore the possibilities. See below:

3 main goals of the B2B Sales Booster:

Understand your Fear for Rejection or Failure. Embrace and learn from this. And know how to deal with these obstacles in the moment.

Implement a proven sales system that helps you beat procrastination, build strong sales habits and get consistent results.

Become 10x more effective in all of your sales communication, networking, sales calls, e-mails, Dm's, by using Emotional Intelligence.


These are the 5 key components of the B2B Sales Booster program:



Extensive Sales Snapshot that gives you all the insights on how to improve your sales process



3x Deep-Dives during which we dive deep in your network, offerings and approach of clients


On-going feedback and coaching for your emails, DM's, proposals and offering


Online tool sessions on how to use the 10 Hot Leads List, and other tools like the HIPPIE Sales Script


Access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, who are all in the same business as you

"Melissa helped me with two tips to land the project of the year.

Melissa, sharp sales talent with killer coaching skills. Don’t hesitate, just do it!

Melissa, super happy with your insights, methods, energy, and coaching skills!"

Client Frans van Noort, owner Onwijs Mooie Dingen (marketing agency)

6x Sales Essentials

These are the 6 sales habits, systems & skills you learn during the B2B Sales Booster:

Building a weekly habit in your sales activities

How to use the power of proposals

Consistently warming-up your network

How to be effortless in approaching clients

Embracing the discomfort

Learning from the No's

Working with me is easy!

I always want to understand if we are a right fit, and what service fits you best.

Schedule an in-take call

Use the below link to schedule a 30-minute online call. 

Fill in the questionnaire

Before we hop on a call, fill in the questionnaire so I can more easily understand your challenges. 

Online Call

We hop on a 30-minute call, I will tell more about my services. You share your sales challenges. And we will discover if it's a match!

"From fearing sales to enjoying the process. Thanks to Melissa, I’ve realized that sales can be something beautiful—a way to grow personally and an indispensable tool for making a greater impact. Grateful for this mindset shift and the steps we’ve taken together over the past few months!"

Client Lieke Hallegraeff, owner Purpose Club (sustainability consultancy)

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