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Leadership Coach (10+ yrs) for millennial leaders, who struggle with being the boss.

How do you lead your team as a millennial leader, who prioritizes happiness, but also wants team commitment to great results and high quality.

Listen, we're writing a new script here. So it's normal that you haven't figured this out yet. And it's normal you're conflicted between wanting great results and having a happy team. It's even a good thing! 

Hi, I'm Melissa Marijnen, leadership coach for 10+ years. I love to keep this simple.

You are a leader or manager of a group of people. Most of these people are young, under 40. You are young, probably under 40.

You are an expert at what you do. You know your sh*t. But haven't learned a lot about managing people, about keeping people motivated, about having responsibilities for not just you, or a product, but also for others.

Your own experience with leaders isn't great. Probably mostly older men, who were arrogant, or at least not open to feedback, with that last century paternalistic directive style of leadership.

That's not you. And you're trying your own unique leadership style. Which I love! But sometimes you do need to be more bossy than you want, because things need to change, or people are underperforming. And you're having trouble with this. I understand. In addition you want to have people, who love their job, and take initiative and stuff. I know. It's not that easy to not be a shitty boss. 

So let me help! I've coach many, many leaders (1000+), and I love it. I've developed a simple toolbox specifically for millennial leaders. Because I know we want to do better. 


I offer a 6 month program, consisting of 3 parts. A very powerful method of coaching, custom-made to meet your goals

PART 1: 
We meet every week, for 8 weeks, for 1 hour. 
In those weeks we start with the low hanging fruit. Th
en implement the most effective tools and habits you need as a leader, based on 10+ years of experience as a leadership coach. We also tackle your biggest struggles. But the focus is on taking actions. And end with a plan for the coming 4 months. 

3 month accountability track
The second part consists of 4 months, for which you've set your goals, and I'm your accountability partner. I have a system in place to make sure I know when to contact you about a certain goal. And if you haven't been able to attain a goal, we plan an online call, so we can discuss what happened. 

3 online sessions to close the loop
You are in a new role now. This means you want to make sure you don't fall into old habits. So to really make this change permanent, it's time to take a step back, relax, and consciously close this loop of mastering this level of leadership. Learn to make space for others, and not fall into the trap of wanting more and more and more. 

Simple, but powerful
If you've tried reading about leadership, or learning through (online) courses, but it's not working yet. That is normal. Those are to generic. You need your own personal custom-made leadership program. And that's what I specialize in.

440A0120 (1).jpg

Sounds good! How can I apply?

Before you apply check:

- You're a leader, manager, lead, leading a team.

- You're between 25 and 45 years old.

- You want to be a great boss, and help people grow.

- You are willing to invest the time and commit to the process

- You listen to feedback, and have a sense of self-reflection

- You are curious, open-minded and ready to learn

Costs for the Leadership Coaching are 3900 euro incl. tax (or 6x 700 per month) for a 6 month program. 

- 8 coaching sessions 1hr

- 4 month accountability track & voice notes support

- Special prices for non-profits, e-mail me

- Custom-made program also possible, e-mail me


Bit about me...

Hi, I'm Melissa

  • 10+ years experience as a leadership coach for companies and non-profits

  • Probably coached over 1200 people

  • Mom of a three year old

  • Old millennial myself of 40 years old (1982)

  • Bi-cultural: Indonesian & Dutch

  • Huge nerd when it comes to psychology, leadership, culture, and personal development (read over 100 books on these topics)

  • I also love sci-fi!

  •  I live in a small typical Dutch village above Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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