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I combine my sales savviness, 12+ years of coaching experience, and expertise in love and relationships.

I truely believe that sales doesn't have to be sleazy, manipulative and annoying. And the moment I switched this mind-set, sales became something effortless. Something I don't just have to do, but love to do.

And the thing I love to do the most is to learn from others. Which is exactly one of those key qualities you need to have to be effective at sales. In addition to taking leadership, and being transparent about your own ego patterns. 

Let me help you discover how interesting sales can be. Not just to make money, but more so to make a bigger impact, AND one of the most interesting ways of personal development. 

Loving Sales Framework

Melissa's framework for sales is rooted in her knowledge as a relationship coach:

How You Love is How You Sell

This approach explores the inseparable connection between your personal style of relating to others and your sales success. With insights from attachment theory, love languages, and relationship coaching I help you understand your behavioral patterns in client interactions.

Fear of Rejection as Your Teacher

I guide you to observe your fear of rejection without judgment, recognizing it as part of the egoic mind. By practicing presence and acceptance, you can dissolve the grip of fear and uncover a deeper sense of peace and authenticity. Unlocking deeper layers of inner wisdom, opening up your creative power during every connection.

Light-Hearted Connections

I teach you practical tools grounded in psychology and emotional intelligence to navigate sales conversations effortlessly. By embracing a light-hearted approach, you can transform these interactions into enjoyable opportunities to connect, improve, and have fun. 

Embracing all that is You

I believe in the power of breaking with expectations and labels to create space for who you can become. Letting go of shame and releasing these deep-seated emotions allows you to embrace your full self. This self-acceptance gives you the permission to connect with your clients on a deeply human level.

6x Sales Essentials

"Being conscious in your sales is crucial, but it's equally important to master the habits and tactics of B2B sales to make the process effortless and enjoyable. That's why we focus on these six sales essentials."

Building a weekly habit in your sales activities

How to use the power of proposals

Consistently warming-up your network

How to be effortless in approaching clients

Embracing the discomfort

Learning from the No's

Working with me is easy!

I always want to understand if we are a right fit, and what service fits you best.

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We hop on a 30-minute call, I will tell more about my services. You share your sales challenges. And we will discover if it's a match!

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