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Sales Constellation Session

In this intensive 2-hour session, we'll focus our attention on the 'undercurrent' of your sales challenges and goals.


Particularly if you're experiencing persistent difficulties in achieving sales targets despite repeated efforts or feeling stuck in a sales rut with little progress or improvement over time. The reasons are probably systemic and not so evident to see.


That is why during this session we delve beneath the surface to explore the deeper systemic influences that may be shaping your outcomes, offering insights and strategies to overcome these frustrations and unlock new possibilities for your sales journey.

Exploring Hidden Dynamics for Growth

In this Sales Constellation Session, we'll embark on a transformative journey, guided by three essential steps:

1. Exploration

We make visible what is invisible. Uncovering hidden patterns and dynamics that shape your outcomes.

2. Identification

We feel into the underlying forces influencing your sales challenges, finding new possibilities for growth and transformation.

3. Shift

With newfound insights, you'll experience a profound shift in the undercurrent of your sales approach, directly impacting your actions in the present moment.

Some clients call me their sales therapist.

Working with me is easy!

I always want to understand if we are a right fit, and what service fits you best.

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Online Call

We hop on a 30-minute call, I will tell more about my services. You share your sales challenges. And we will discover if it's a match!

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