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Sales Team Training

I'm excited to offer companies and organizations my custom sales training programs, where I blend the Loving Sales Framework with over 12 years of experience in creating corporate training programs.


These programs are designed to help you and your team build very effective sales habits, sharpen your sales skills, and be conscious of your sales mindset. 




Most companies deal with these three obstacles in sales:

Do you recognize these in your team?

Team Communication Issues

Does miscommunication or lack of communication within the team or between sales and other departments lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and inefficiencies?

Lack of Motivation

Do you observe your colleagues becoming frustrated and demotivated by the rejections, which results in a lack of motivation to learn and grow?

Uneven Team Performance

Does the lack of consistent performance across team members, with some consistently meeting or exceeding sales targets while others struggle, result in overall uneven team performance?

The sales strategies, methods, habits, and skills you and your team learn during the Sales Team Training Program will benefit you and your business for years to come.

3 type of Sales Team Training

Sharpen your
Sales Skills

1-day training with an actor. Intensive and brutally confronting, yet packed with invaluable lessons to elevate your sales communication skills.

Sales Mindset Training

This isn’t your average sales mindset training. We dive deep into psychology, ego, fears, and learn how to navigate them daily for lasting success.

Sales Habits Bootcamp

It's a team-focused program into building powerful, lasting sales habits, with strong long-term results, based on transparency and trust.

For sales to work, you need strong sales communication skills, the sales mindset, and effective sales habits. Let's discuss how to make a customized program, that fits your specific needs and goals.

Melissa Marijnen has been developing corporate training programs since 2012.

How I work with companies

Step-by-step we work on a custom-made program that fits your needs.



Introductory & Match Call

We start with an online call to discuss the unique needs and goals of your company, and see if I am a match.


Customized Program Design

Based on our discussion and your answers, I’ll create a custom training program tailored specifically to you.


Progress Check-ins & On-going support

We have frequent check-ins to monitor the sales progress and make any necessary adjustments. And I offer on-going support.


Sales Team Program Questionnaire

Fill out a detailed questionnaire to help me understand the current sales process and challenges of you and your team.


Kick-off Sales Team Training

We'll have a kickoff session to introduce the program and set clear objectives. And continue with the custom program.


Final Review &

Next Steps

At the end of the program, we'll review your progress and celebrate your achievements, and discuss next steps to keep your sales game strong.

6x Sales Team Essentials

The sales programs, training and coaching can be about one or more of these essentials:

Building a weekly habit in your sales activities

How to use the power of proposals

Consistently warming-up your network

How to be effortless in approaching clients

Embracing the discomfort

Learning from the No's

How to get started?

Let's first get to know each other:

Schedule an in-take call

Use the below link to schedule a 30-minute online call. 

Fill in the questionnaire

Before we hop on a call, fill in the questionnaire so I can more easily understand your challenges. 

Online Call

We hop on a 30-minute call, I will tell more about my services. You share your sales challenges. And we will discover if it's a match!

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